IT’S HARD TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF THINGS. I FEEL LIKE I SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE TRYING NOT TO GET DISTRACTED, or BE PUSHED AROUND BY nonsense LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE. music helps ground me. it gives me clarity. it makes me feel a sense of purpose and connection in the mess of this world. alongside all the other artsy fartsy stuff i find peace in.

hopefully it can give you some kind of solace too…

a visually inspired ambience EP, composed for my final project for my BA this year. photographing and sampling 4 distinct locations in North London, i produced this with almost entirely analogue sounds, scoring each space with my own sonic interpretations of the visual scenes.

see my photography section for some film shots i took for these tracks, or check out the magazine felix bychawski designed for other details!

my first instrumental EP, studying the natural environment during my time living in Scotland, reflected in a range of ethereal acoustics and synthesisers as a means of discovery in self-production.

for more music i’ve produced, art i’ve made and other general ramblings, check out the rest of this site and the myriad of links!